For a better understanding of my work you are invited to watch the following movies:

Video 1 about my work Hypercube and Transition

Video 2 about my work Music, Dance and Transition


Vision Statement
All of my work is a real introspection of life. The search for the Human essence, for the link between our reality and the spiritual one are the leading ideas of my art. The unknown, the energy, the movement, and the metamorphosis are the basic elements used.
The characters are almost real; the shapes are fluid and in motion; they are spiritual, radiating energy to the point of becoming one with the Universe. Each work is a story, a rhapsody, a vision into spirituality. The suppleness of human symbols, the movement, and the aiming towards infinite try to introduce the viewer to a system of perfection. However, rather than creating the image of a perfect world, I only try to suggest the idea of going into meditation for aiming towards perfection.

Octavian Florescu was born in 1957 in the Southern Romanian town of Craiova.
In 1979, he interrupted his university studies in engineering to become a full-time painter. For five years he studied church painting and restoration that gave him the opportunity to learn and master all painting techniques from the ancient fresco to the contemporary oil and acrylic. The influence of the Byzantine style is noticeable in the suppleness of his personages.

Since 1989, while in Hungary, he completely dedicated himself to surrealism. In 1991, he moved with his family to Canada.
Octavian is mastering the art of painting (all mediums), sculpting (bronze, stone, and wood), and murals (bas-relief and tromp l’oeil.)

He won various national and international awards and has been shown in several art galleries around North America and Europe.Some of the prizes include the silver medal and corresponding member of the Paris Academy of Arts, Science and Letters (2014); price of the public, City of Calgary Multicultural Center (2010); included in ‘Masters’ category by Artists of the World (California, 2010); Jury’s Prize at the "International Salon of Art" in Montreal (1996); first place at the national HMV "Music in Visual Art" (1995); first place at the “Constantin Brâncusi” art competition (1995).
His paintings and sculptures have been featured in galleries and exhibitions in Austria, Canada, Denmark, France, Hungary, Mexico, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, UK, and the USA.

Selected exhibitions

Principality of Monaco, Artists du Monde Monaco 2014
France, Art Trilogy, Le Cannet, February-March 2014
France, Salon de la Société Nationale des Beaux-arts, Louvre, December 2013
France, Gallery Casa d’Amor, St. Paul (Côte d'Azur) 2013-present
France, Galerie des Lombards, Mougins (Côte d'Azur) 2013-present
France, Salon International ‘Artistes du Monde’, Cannes, September 2013
France, several group and personal exhibitions in Paris, Cannes, Vichy, and other, 1996-present
Austria, Permanent Mission of Romania, Vienna, October 2013-present
Austria, several group exhibitions and auctions in Vienna, 2003-04, 2012
Canada, Calgary, Webster Gallery, 2013-present
Canada, Gatineau, Galerie Sylvain Dumouchel, 2013-present
Canada, Banff, About Canada art gallery, 2009-present
Canada, Calgary, City of Calgary Cultural Center, 2009 (1st prize)
Portugal, Surrealism Group International Exhibit, Lisbon, 2013
Portugal, Surrealism International Exhibit, Coimbra, 2010
Sweden, Galleri Minerva, Malmo, personal and group exhibitions, 2012-present
Sweden, Galleri New Form, Trelleborg, personal and group exhibitions, 2012-present
USA, Carmel (CA), Wyland Gallery, 2009-present
USA, Sausalito (CA), EE Fine Art Gallery, 2009-present
USA, Las Vegas, 8Martini Gallery, 2009-present
USA, Washington, DC, World Bank, group exhibition, 2001
USA, Washington DC, Romanian Embassy, personal exhibition, 2000
Denmark, Romanian Embassy, personal exhibition, 2013
Norway, Romanian Embassy, personal exhibition, 2011
Norway, Kongsberg, Galleri Dyrmyr Schwabes, personal and group exhibitions, 2011-2012
Norway, Moss Kunst Ramme, personal exhibition, 2011
UK, Cambridge, EE Fine Art Gallery, Surrealism group exhibition, 2008
Canada, Quebec, Bon Pasteur Historical Chapel–– personal exhibition, 1995
Canada, Montréal, “Constantin Brâncusi” Cultural center, art competition (1st prize), 1995
Canada, Montreal, HMV competition “Music in Visual Art” (1st prize), 1995
Canada, Montreal, Place Ville Marie, Artists who are International Prize winners, 1994
Canada, Montreal, SODARCO, First International Salon of Art (Jury’s Special Prize), 1993
Mexico, Neocalpan, Group exhibit organized by the Canadian Embassy in Mexico, 1993
Hungary, Budapest, International Spring Hall, group exhibition, 1993
Hungary, Budapest, Group Exhibition, Professional Artists “Art Color” Gallery, 1991
Hungary, Academy of Sciences and the Theological Academy, personal exhibition, 1990
Hungary, Budapest, Romanian Embassy, personal exhibition, 1990
Romania, several personal exhibitions in Arad, Buzias, Felix, Moneasa, 1980-1989, 2011



Excerpt from a recent interview:

Where do you call home? How long have you lived there?
My life is a "travel package," as I lived and worked in several countries. From Romania, I went to Hungary, from Hungary to Canada––on the East-coast (Montreal), then I lived a few years in the USA (Maryland), and now, for the past five years I’m back to Canada––on the west-coast, in Calgary, and looking forward to my future destination, which is yet to be determined. As I was most of the time on the road, my workspace was either in a corner of a room or a large studio. Right now, almost all my house is a studio; I move my setting around the house searching for the perfect spot of light and inspiration. Finally, my home is the place where I setup my studio.

When did you start to make art?
I can’t point to a specific moment; I think that the biggest decision and the moment of switching my life towards art was when I interrupted my university studies in engineering and I dedicated myself entirely to the artistic career. It was the idea of freedom of expression that made me take the decision to become an artist. The “work of art” is a process in the development defining an “artist”, with no clear boundaries, and I can’t point to and exact moment in time when I crossed towards that level.

How did you evolve into an artist?
During my early twenties I started to study about Parapsychology-related phenomena, about the invisible part of us, about the power of being a Human. This has had the most powerful influence in my art. It’s about the power of love; it’s about the power of balance. All my work is a struggle to discover the essence of life, to find the link between the human reality and the spiritual one in order to distinguish the light at the end of the tunnel. Enlightenment is what motivates and guides me. The unknown, the energy and the struggle to discover the essence of life, the movement and the metamorphosis are the basic elements of my work. Each painting is a story, a rhapsody, a vision into spirituality. I am trying to suggest only the idea of departure in meditation toward perfection, without creating the image of an absolute world.

What drove you to make art as a professional activity? What does being an artists mean to you?
I was driven mainly by the freedom of expression and the need to communicate my research and perception about life and the human existence. To be an artist it’s not a “work” per se, it’s everything, it’s a lifestyle; it’s a hobby, work, and way of existence. After more than 30 years in visual art and after I passed the stages of apprentice and painter, I like to think of myself as being an Artist:
He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands, and his head, and his heart, is An Artist"
St. Francis of Assisi

Can you sum up your art style?
For me, the visual form of expression in art is the surrealism, the philosophical way of representation of the spiritual existence. The painting is an image witch is at the same time real and unreal; an art that has a dream-like vibration, not necessarily based on reality. I am using a lot of symbols in my art, although not always. I am not trying to create poetry, but an idea of liberation to go back to the “beginning of all beginnings.” Everything is about the transition from conscious to subconscious levels. I use elements of music, dance, and nature to express harmony, movement, and transition; and always very vibrant and strong colors to express and give energy and power.

Where do you look for inspiration? Music, other artists?
Light---Enlightenment--- Transition
I meditate. I search for an idea which was just a flash in the dark; I catch that idea and then create a psychological outline; an immaterial, mind-only, visual expression. Then I try the best I can with all my technical knowledge to transpose this idea into our material world as a visual image, as a vibration of a different dimension.

The second step is the most difficult and sometimes it took me years of struggles to finish it. I have several “flashes” in development but some of them are very old now, and I don’t know if I will ever be able to touch the level of Enlightenment needed for them.

I consider “Inspiration” as a relative term, a “supra-definition” of just a normal connection with a “different dimension.” In some people, this form of connection is stronger, but usually it is there in all of us without any magic. I believe all my “flashes” (of inspiration) are just a kind of “vibration” that I am receiving from a hyperexistence in which we are fully integrated. We have the Universe inside of us; we are the Universe; we just need to allow ourselves to receive, interpret, and recognize these “flashes” and give ourselves the time to reflect on them….

Do you have a favorite piece, or is there a memorable experience you can comment on while creating one of your pieces?
There are a lot of pieces that I love, but one particularly carries me into “light”, and this is “The music dimension”. When I created that painting I was there, I was inside of the image, I was interacting with this spiritual dimension, I was “dreaming” with my eyes open in a different level of consciousness.

Do you admire any specific other artists or authors or philosophers?
Everything what relates to human consciousness, to “enlightenment”, is part of my daily philosophy; hence, I have a lot of admiration toward these kinds of ideas and those who promote them.
One of my favorite authors is Carlos Castaneda and my favorite artist is the Creation itself with nature as the absolute image; it represents the perfection in a continuous movement.

What are your goals for the future?
Goals… I am the spectator watching myself acting and paying attention to the upcoming events from the balance of life. I just want to continue painting and conveying my ideas to those who want to pay attention.

If there is one thing you would like people to know who are not yet familiar with your work, what would it be?
Look beyond the image; free yourself if you want to understand my art work. The bridge of communication it’s inside you.