Art Catalogue

A comprehensive catalogue of Octavian Florescu art



Hypercube and Transition

Music, Dance and Transition

3D paintings and Murals



"The unknown, the energy, and the struggle to discover the essence of life,
the movement and the metamorphosis are the basic elements of my work."


---The search for the Human essence, for the link between the human reality and the spiritual one are the leading ideas in Octavian Florescu's work.
-----The elements used by the artist are almost real; the characters are fluid and in motion, radiating an energy at the point of merging with the Universe.
-----Each work is a story, a rhapsody, a vision into spirituality. The artist is trying to only suggest the idea of detachment through meditation toward perfection, without creating the image of an absolute world.
-----The suppleness of his human symbols, the movement, the soaring toward the infinite try to introduce the spectator into a system of perfection. The translucence, spectrum of colors, and accuracy of his drawing and modeling make Florescu a great master of both, painting and sculpting.
-----All of Octavian Florescu's work is a real introspection of life.